Don't just learn to write! Learn to be a great writer!  Get creative with poems, interactive stories, short novels, even plays and movie scripts, and later get serious with articles, essays and personal statements! Learn to use new words and precise language to reach your reader! Reach your own writing zenith as you benefit from professional writers with years of experience!

Discern fact from opinion, and develop clear formal writing skills as you speak truth to the world!

Skill Level: Beginner

Sell yourself with the perfect CV, university personal statement, and cover letter!                                               

    This course can literally change your life! A great university personal statement is essential to getting a great offer at a top university. And for future jobs, having a standout CV and a cover letter that shows the employer why you are the perfect fit for the job can be the difference between getting called in for an interview and or having your CV ending up in the bin!

You will learn:

- more about yourself, who you are, and what you have to offer the world

- how to sell your strengths (and your weaknesses!)

- design skills as you craft an eye-catching CV

- a writing style that sounds confident yet humble too

Skill Level: Beginner

Learn to write great messages, letters, emails, petitions and even codes and epistolary stories!

Skill Level: Beginner

Learn critical thinking, debating and article writing, and level up both your speaking and writing!

Skill Level: Beginner

Make your writing more precise and powerful as you learn to create poems and song lyrics!

Skill Level: Beginner

Learn the secrets to writing the perfect story, and develop your structure, paragraphing and style!

Most teachers, and many Hollywood writers even, don't really know why some stories are excellent, and others don't really work well. The answer to this question has been a lifelong obsession for Oxford Master Matt Townend, and after twenty years of searching, he finally found the secrets! In this course, he shares the secrets of perfect stories!

On this course you will learn:

- why human beings love stories

- how to have an idea for a story

- how to structure a story - the 5 Acts and 10 beats of all stories (hence Pentact - penta means 5!)

- how to create character, setting and voice

- how to write in paragraphs

- how to use commas correctly

- how to write in past tense

and more! Stories are useful not just for budding authors - they can be used to sell, to persuade, to inspire, to teach. They are essentisal to marketing, to branding, to business. This might be the most powerful, insightful and useful course of all our Oxford Masters' courses, and it is definitely the one we are most proud of!

NB - the picture is of 'Captain America'. The Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) is a great example of good storytelling, and the most ambitious story writing franchises of our time. The Pentact Writing Course uses the star as its symbol - a star is also Captain America's symbol!

Skill Level: Beginner

Create your own wikis or contribute to Wikipedia, and learn academic writing style!

Skill Level: Beginner

Become the educator as you use Moodle LMS to design and create your own course!                                       

Creating interactive content for others is a key skill for the workplace. Teaching others your skills is a great way to monetize what you know. On this course you will...

- Learn to use a Learning Management System to teach, enable and track students

- Develop your creativity by having an idea

- Develop your problem-solving by making it a reality

- Develop critical thinking as you try to find ways to improve upon your design

- Develop design, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) skills

- Develop a simple AI to mark students' work!

NB - the image is of Professor Benson Yeh, Founder of online learning gaming platform Pagamo and BTS School where this course is taught

Skill Level: Beginner