Available courses

English Debating

 Practise English speaking and learn critical thinking as you debate the most important issues toda...

Game of Business

Master CEFR B2 business English and entrepreneurship skills starting your own international business...

Game of Investment

Learn to invest in a simulated stock market, describe graphs and report finances, all using English

Game of Restaurants

Run your own restaurants in English and learn new business skills! Will you get rich or lose it all?...

Englishero Role-Playing Game

Save or destroy the world as a superhero or villain by speaking English in this Role Playing Game! ...

Town Building in Minecraft

Your plane crashed on a mysterious island! Survive, mine, craft and build a town, all using English!...

Business Startup

Learn business English and entrepreneurship by starting your own business!

Game of History

Learn History, Geography and Technology as you lead a nation across time! Will it be war.. or peace?...

Musical Production

Advance your writing by combining dialogue, music, humor, lyrics and dance to create a new musical!

Drammar Level 2 - Advanced Grammar

Take your grammar, acting and lightsabre skills to the next level in Drammar Level 2!

Channel Creation

Something to share or a skill to teach? Speak to the world in English by creating your own Channel!

Drammar Level 4 - Drammar for Business

Learn business skills, vocab, confidence and advanced grammar as you act out real-life situations fr...

Drammar Level 0 - Phonics

Play games, sing, read, spell! From zero to hero, learn phonics like a native speaker- the fun way!A...

Film Making

Ever wanted to make a movie? Now's your chance! Learn all about film-making and then practise your E...

Drammar Level 1 - Basic Grammar

Play games and act in scenes to perfect your English grammar, pronunciation, accent and intonation!...

Drammar Level 3 - Phrasal Verbs

Learn hundreds of phrasal verbs as you work on your improvisation skills!

Liang Gallery English Course

An Engllsh course training staff at the Liang Gallery, Taipei, using English to introduce art and to...

Project Management

Learn English YOUR way and gain project management skills with your own English project!

Oxford Masters Teacher Training

Training for Oxford Masters' Teachers and Partners!

Exam MAX

MAX your score at EVERY question type in ANY English exam! The ONLY exam course you will EVER need.....

Newspaper Writing Course

Discern fact from opinion, and develop clear formal writing skills as you speak truth to the world!

Self Promotion

Sell yourself with the perfect CV, university personal statement, and cover letter!           ...

Epistolary Writing Course

Learn to write great messages, letters, emails, petitions and even codes and epistolary stories!

Critical Thinking, Article Writing and Debating

Learn critical thinking, debating and article writing, and level up both your speaking and writing!

Apollo Poetry Writing Course

Make your writing more precise and powerful as you learn to create poems and song lyrics!

Pentact Story Writing

Learn the secrets to writing the perfect story, and develop your structure, paragraphing and style!M...

Wiki Creation Course

Create your own wikis or contribute to Wikipedia, and learn academic writing style!

Creating Your Own Course

Become the educator as you use Moodle LMS to design and create your own course!              ...

Othello iNovel

YOU are black Othello, a Moor. But when you fall in love with a white woman, can your love survive?O...

Pride and Prejudice iNovel Course

YOU are Elizabeth. Your father needs you to marry for money. But you will have love, or die trying!

Frankenstein iNovel

YOU are Victor Frankenstein and you wish to end death! Use science to make a new man - or a MONSTER!...

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

YOU are the good Dr. Jekyll. YOU are also the evil Mr. Hyde. Problem is.. they are the same person.

Sherlock Holmes iNovel

Join Sherlock Holmes the world's most famous detective in three of his most famous cases in this int...

Wind in the Willows iNovel

Role-play and read the charming adventures of Mole, Ratty, Badger and Toad!

Lord of the Flies iNovel

A plane crash, a group of boys alone on an island - can YOU survive?

Gulliver's Travels

Join Lemuel Gulliver on his four journeys through the strange lands of Liliput, Brogdingnag, Glubbdu...

Dracula iNovel

Why is Count Dracula alone in his castle? Why is he coming to England? Dare YOU find out the truth?I...

Animal Farm iNovel

 Help the animals of Animal Farm overthrow the evil Farmer Jones!