Take your grammar, acting and lightsabre skills to the next level in Drammar Level 2!

Make your own Youtube Channel in English!

Learn business skills, vocab, confidence and advanced grammar as you act out real-life situations from the business world!

From 0 to hero! Start your English journey! Play games, sing songs, and spell! The first ever English phonics course to teach all 44+ sounds and 236+ spellings of English! Go beyond abc!

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Perfect your English grammar, pronunciation, accent and intonation as you rehearse drama scenes specifically designed to help you learn grammatical sentence patterns!

  • Learn grammar the right way - the same way babies do, by listening to, mimicking, experimenting with and finally using and modulating sentence structures. 
  • This little-known learning shortcut is based on the research of language expert Noam Chomsky, who found that a part of our brain called the LAD (Language Acquisition Device) can naturally construct grammar rules from language input. In other words - you don't need to study grammar. Use the language, and let your mind write the grammar rules. 
  • The Drammar program accelerates this process by focusing activities on each grammar structure in turn, and uses drama to aid understanding and usage.
  • Drammar will help you gain confidence in speaking out in English - lose your shyness! In fact, speaking the English becomes natural during the rehearsal process, such that you no longer need to think about it!
  • Improve your pronunciation, intonation and accent.
  • Work with experienced actors, directors and English teachers.
  • Gaining an intuitive 'sense' of grammar will make many language exams which involve choosing the correct grammar to a sentence far easier - exams such as TOEIC, GEPT and SAT.
  • Suitable for learners ages 7 to adult.

Learn hundreds of phrasal verbs as you work on your improvisation skills!