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親愛的 Matt 老師 :

Dear Teacher Matt:
When I first heard that we had a class called Drammar, I thought of a boring classroom with a boring teacher handing out boring grammar worksheets, and assigning boring homework. But after a month of Drammar lessons, I learned that it's the exact opposite. In Drammar not only do we get to interact with our classmates and work on our communication and cooperation skills, we also learn how to act, speak properly, and study grammar all at the same time. All the students in 7F have enjoyed the Drammar lessons this past month, and we want to thank you for all the effort you have put into every class to teach us. Happy Teacher's Day!


the Students from 7F
Wesley Girls' School
教師節那天, 戲說文法Drammar班學生的一封信,差點讓我噴淚 ! This letter from my Drammar Students on Teacher's Day almost had me in tears!
在教師節那天,我被來自衛理學生寫的這封信深深感動。這些年來,我收過很多學生寫的精緻卡片和短箋,甚至還有一本思維&笑話的手工書。不過這封信讓我感動的是,這位學生懂我的理念,她真的理解我在 Drammar 戲說文法課堂中想傳達的理念,擺脫無聊的文法練習,透過正確的使用語言來讓學生自然地學習文法。此外,在課中教的許多其它技巧,也使這課堂真正具備多面向,溝通、演出、肢體語言,口條清楚而自信的開口說英文。團隊合作也是我們在 Drammar 戲說文法課堂中注重的能力養成。但最重要的一點,我很開心那些在台灣經歷過糟糕的傳統刻板學習過程的學生,終於可以瞭解學習使用語言可以很好玩。當然,Drammar課程並非學習英文的唯一途徑,事實上,我自己已為英語學習設計了超過50種不同的課程,而Drammar 戲說文法 Lv1 只是其一,不過它肯定是深受學生喜愛的大熱門。為此,衷心且大聲地向我在衛理七年級的學生及過去四年來所有教過的學生們深表謝意,謝謝你們的理解與支持 !

I was greatly moved by this letter from my students at Wesley on teacher's day. I have had several nice cards and notes from students over the years, even once a whole handmade book of thoughts and jokes. But what moved me about this student's letter - was that she got it. She really understood what we try to do in Drammar class - get rid of boring grammar exercises, and learn grammar the natural right way by actually using the language correctly. And yes the many other skills we teach that make this class really 3D - communication, acting, body language, speaking clearly and confidently. Group work is also a vital skill we use all the time in Drammar. But most of all, I am just happy that students, who I feel often have a bad experience of learning English in traditional ways in Taiwan, can finally feel that using language can be fun. Drammar is not the only way to learn English - indeed I myself have now designed over 50 different courses for learning English and this Drammar Lv1 Course is only one of them - but it's definitely been one of our big hits with students. A big heartfelt thank you and shout out from me to my students at Wesley Year 7, and all the students I have taught at Wesley the last 4 years!