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Anyone in the world


as seen in the Great Gatsby (2013)


but its use probably predates that.

它可能來自Cleveland總統所鍾情的女演員 "Eleanor Duse"。

It may come from the actress Eleanor Duse loved by President Cleveland.

電影中這個奇特的美式片語讓英國人一頭霧水 This weird American phrase from the movies is absolutely baffling to English people

但它也可能來自 "daisy雛菊" 一字

but it probably comes from the word "daisy"

此字在18世紀意指極棒的事物 !

which back in the 18th Century meant something great!

下次觀看美劇時要多留意 'doozy' 一詞

Look out for the word 'doozy' next time you see an American movie

它真是一個 'doozy不尋常/極好or極差' 的字!

It's really a 'doozy' of a word!