Oxford English Masters Online


Perfect your English grammar, pronunciation, accent and intonation as you rehearse drama scenes specifically designed to help you learn grammatical sentence patterns!

  • Learn grammar the right way - the same way babies do, by listening to, mimicking, experimenting with and finally using and modulating sentence structures. 
  • This little-known learning shortcut is based on the research of language expert Noam Chomsky, who found that a part of our brain called the LAD (Language Acquisition Device) can naturally construct grammar rules from language input. In other words - you don't need to study grammar. Use the language, and let your mind write the grammar rules. 
  • The Drammar program accelerates this process by focusing activities on each grammar structure in turn, and uses drama to aid understanding and usage.
  • Drammar will help you gain confidence in speaking out in English - lose your shyness! In fact, speaking the English becomes natural during the rehearsal process, such that you no longer need to think about it!
  • Improve your pronunciation, intonation and accent.
  • Work with experienced actors, directors and English teachers.
  • Gaining an intuitive 'sense' of grammar will make many language exams which involve choosing the correct grammar to a sentence far easier - exams such as TOEIC, GEPT and SAT.
  • Suitable for learners ages 7 to adult.

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