Oxford English Masters Online

Local Journalism and Media Production

Ever wanted to be a journalist or news reporter? Well, now you can! Seek out new local news stories from the world around you, and use them to create a real newspaper with the rest of your team, as well as video interviews, podcasts and more! 

This course will help you improve:

  • your writing in English
  • being concise
  • using quotations and citations
  • layout and design
  • speaking and presenting
  • editing and video / audio production
  • investigative and research skills
  • social, interview and group skills

social enterpriseLearn vital business skills and prepare for TOEIC by opening and running your own business! What will you sell? Who will you employ? Can you make a profit? It's up to you!

  • Learn vocabulary related to business, commerce and industry.
  • Create your own product or service - you can sell anything - as long as there is a market for it!
  • Make a business plan, make budgets, track sales, find investors to help finance and grow your business, market your products and make company reports to show how successful you have been!
  • Staff your business yourself, or employ other students as your employees!
  • Gain practice negotiating and interacting with other young businessmen - all using English!
  • This course is a great way to prepare for TOEIC as it covers the same topics related to business. 


Build a better society in 3D, developing your English speaking, discussion and collaboration skills as you build a working town together with other students!

  • Learn vocabulary related to materials, architecture, infrastructure, business, law, politics and society and use them to communicate and cooperate with other players!
  • Develop your readings skills as you read interactive articles related to your tasks, answer online questions and get immediate feedback!
  • Use MinecraftEdu software to build a town collaboratively in groups, using English to make plans and blueprints, create schedules, assign tasks and manage projects!
  • This course is regularly updated with articles concerning international current affairs and news related to the topics covered in this course.
  • This course is a key stepping stone to TOEIC, IELTS and TOEFL English exams, and focuses on speaking, vocabulary and reading skills.
  • Suitable for learners ages 7-18 years.
  • BONUS - the interactive reading course for Lord of the Flies is included in the course, since the story closely matches the themes of the course including building a society, making rules, and the difficulties of different people working together. 

GlobeLearn English related to History, Geography and Technology as you lead a nation across time! 

  • Develop your creativity and problem-solving skills as you develop winning strategies as you play the classic history simulation 'Civilization'. 
  • Build advanced reading skills through interactive reading exercises that give you immediate online feedback. 
  • Learn to negotiate; wage war and make peace; trade with other countries; balance population, happiness, production, tax and research; develop new technology; explore the world, learning the names of all major countries and landmarks, and form new colonies: remake history, and do it all while improving your English!
  • This course is regularly updated with articles related to international current affairs and news relevant to the theme of World History and Technology.
  • This is a key stepping stone course to TOEIC, IELTS and TOEFL exams, and focuses on reading skills.
  • Suitable for learners ages 7 to adult.  
  • BONUS - the interactive reading course for Animal Farm is included in this course, as it closely matches the themes of regime change, politics, resource management and the use and abuse of power. 

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